7 Prom Prep Skincare Tips

It's prom time! Like any big event, you want to look your best. Between the dresses, tuxes, flowers, dinner, and everything else, you might easily forget about your most important accessory -  your skin! So to make sure this accessory doesn't end up lack-luster, we put together 7 indispensable prom prep skin care tips from our Week of Prom Prep.

#1: Get to know your skin!

A good place to start is getting a personalized facial complete with a skin care consultation. A skin care professional will discuss with you your skin type and what treatments will be most beneficial to you. Plus, a facial is a great way to clean up your skin and give you a fresh, glowing, complexion. You'll want to make sure your facial is for at least 2 weeks before the big night, as to avoid any unexpected reactions your skin might have to something new. If you're looking for something more DIY, we recently came across this handy step by step guide to finding out your skin type at home. You can find it here. After you know your skin type, you can more easily find products that are tailored to your skin type to give your skin what it needs to be at its best.


#2: Problem skin? Avoid heavy makeup

Tip #2: Problem skin? Avoid heavy makeup

If you have problem skin, you'll want to go lighter on the make-up to avoid clogging your pores. When picking a foundation, look for one that's non-comedogenic. From our shelves, we suggest Mark Lees Hydramatte Foundation. These foundations won't clog your pores or cause more problems than they cover up.



Tip #3: Schedule your extractions a week before

If black heads are your arch nemesis and you're planning a facial to deal with them, this is something you don't want to procrastinate. Extractions can cause inflammation and the extractions points themselves can take a week to heal. To allow everything to heal and avoid redness and inflammation on your prom day, get your facial with extractions done the week before.


#4: Don't wait to wax your eyebrows

Prom Prep Tip #4: Don't wait to wax your eyebrows

Waxing in general irritates the skin, so when you mix that with the more sensitive skin near your eyebrows, you'll want some time for it to calm back down. This is particularly true if you happen to use a daily face wash with an exfoliant as that can cause peeling on the newly waxed surface. To stay on the safe side, get your eyebrows done a week ahead of time.


#5: Exfoliate before your spray tan

Word graphic with purple polka dot background Prom prep tip #5: Exfoliate before your spray tan

Spray tans are a great alternative to UV tanning, which, we all know by now, is not worth it. However, sometimes a spray tan can come out blotchy and uneven in places. This can be caused by the buildup of dead skin cells. So to avoid spots and general unevenness,  exfoliate your whole body before you fake bake.


#6: Caution with the conditioner

Word graphic with a purple polka dot background, Prom prep tip #6: Caution with the conditioner

This isn't perfectly skincare or facial related, but we thought it worth to include regardless! Up-do's are quite popular for formal events, and we often spend a pretty penny to get them done and we want them to last all night. To help keep your style in place, avoid using too much conditioner when washing your hair, and focus on the ends of your hair. Hair that's too conditioned can be oily or greasy and find it difficult to hold a style, particularly an up-do.

#7: Wash your face at the end of the night!

It has been a very long day of getting ready, taking pictures in and outside, grand march, getting in and out of cars, having dinner, more pictures, and finally dancing (and sweating) the night away. You may also have applied a little more product and makeup than you might normally do. All this can add up to clogged pores and ultimately -the dreaded- acne! Your skin will be just as exhausted as you are and needs to rest. So even if you fall asleep in your dress or tux, make sure you at least wash your face! We of course can help you pick the right face wash for your skin type, so just let us know!