4 Unique Skincare Holiday Gift Ideas

No matter the gift giving holiday, we’re always looking for new and exciting ideas for our loved ones. Everyone wants to be that perfect gift-giver, don’t they? Well here are some ideas to send you in the right direction for your skincare loving friend or relative this Christmas (or whatever holiday!). And if you want to go a little above and beyond, Put a Bow On It!

  1. Ask their aesthetician, facialist, or skincare specialist

    Are they already a regular at a local salon? Any good skin care specialist keeps records of the products their clients love and that are working well with their skin and the season. So stop by and ask what products your loved one is using right now and what might need a refill. It’s the next best thing to reading their mind!

    Put a Bow On It: Ask their facialist for a luxurious recommendation based on your loved one’s skin profile. Perhaps something they haven’t wanted to splurge on for themselves and treat them! That’s what gifts are for, aren’t they?

  2. Give the gift of the results that you’re getting

    Are you really satisfied with your facialist? Are you getting skincare results that are just sending you over the moon? Well you can put those feelings of confidence and beauty in a box and give them as a gift! Or at least you can get pretty close. Ask your salon if they have gift cards or gift certificates. If you and your loved one share similar skin profiles, gift them one of your favorite skincare products.

    Put a Bow On It: If there’s a specific treatment that’s really been making you feel amazing, get a gift certificate for that specific service or amount, and maybe a little extra for a product. Then put the envelope in a box full of packing peanuts or newspaper so they still have something fun to open.

  3. Demystify the world of skincare! Or at least their own personal skincare

    Many people have never visited a skincare salon or gotten a facial before because it can be very daunting. There seem to be endless options for the kinds of treatments you can get, let alone the variety of products. So get them a personalizable package with a skincare consultation! Some salons and facialists are able to take a generic service and personalise it based on someone’s skin type. Ask if your salon offers this, and if they do, grab a gift certificate.

    Put a Bow On It: See what options they have for upgrading the service. Can you can pair a facial with a massage? Maybe some aromatherapy? Ask the salon what extras they can offer to make your loved one’s experience truly relaxing.

  4. A classic skin type gift basket

    If you know your loved one well enough to know what kind of skin they have (you must be close!), get a collection of products suited for that skin type. Talk to a skincare specialist at a recommended salon or at your own, and talk with them about the products they would recommend for skin that’s dry, oily, combination, ageing, acne prone, etc.

    Put A Bow On It: Ask the salon if they do skincare consultations. Book them one along with an amount to be used toward products based on recommendations from the skincare specialist during the consultation.

Happy holidays from Professional Image Enhancement!